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Learn-economics is an exciting new website that brings you bitesize, easy to follow notes, articles and videos on key aspects of both micro and macro economic themes.

Extra reading is also provided along with examples and quizzes to test understanding.

Where relevant, the figures behind diagrams are also provided, as this often helps consolidate understanding.

The emphasis is on the importance of understanding diagrams and graphs, and how to use them to illustrate economic theory and policy.

Trade deals

At a time when news on international trade makes the front pages, including the widespread coverage of the impending final phase of the Brexit deal, we take a closer look at trade deals.

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Article on gaming
The Gaming industry

With lockdown creating isolation and loneliness for some, and unemployment and rising poverty for others, the appeal of gaming as an escape is clear.

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Price elasticity of demand

Why is price elasticity of demand (PED) a core concept in economics? What's the formula, and what's it used for? What factors make demand more or less elastic?

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Diagrams are an important way to learn and understand economics at all levels, and to explain concepts and theories to others, including examiners.

While they are designed for the beginner and intermediate level user, they can help all levels of ability to understand and master the use of diagrams in a range of economic contexts. The most important advice is to practice as often as possible.

They are also great for revision. So, welcome, and enjoy the journey!



What happens when only a few firms dominate a market? How do we measure the extent of oligopoly?

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Game theory

How can game theory help explain how firms behave? Can regulators use game theory to increase competition?

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Exchange rates

How are exchange rates determined? Are floating rates better than fixed rates?

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Comparative advantage

How should countries trade? What should they export? What should they import?

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Trade deals


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